FXEX - Fox Extension Library

The Fox Extension Library is the home for classes, that extend the Fox Toolkit, add functionality and classes or just give you alternate implementations.

The downloadable library is still based on Version 1 of the Fox Toolkit and thus not of much help for most of you. Work is in progress to update the extension library, delete classes, which found their way into the fox library, restructure the library and test the code. If you want to help out -- as we currently do not have much spare time to work on FXEX -- just drop an email to the mailinglist or me. Also provide us with classes, you have written or extended and you want to share with others.

All FXEX classes are distributed under the GNU LGPL, so can be modified and distributed freely, as well as used for proprietary applications.

The updated classes can be found in the SVN repository. If you want to help out updating the old code, just mail me and I'll provide you with work to do ;)

Code currently in the repository includes

  • Gecko browser engine bindings
  • time and date classes
  • an alternate tree list
  • an alternate tree list editor

  • Project site

    Last modified: 22. September 2006 by Jochen